After many years of self-satisfied sedentary lifestyle, sofa surfing and smoking, it might seem that I’d entered a classic mid-life crisis phase when, after reaching my 40’s, I decided to take up exercise.

That’s not quite the truth though.

It was when my dog died (everybody say aaaahhh…) I realised I needed a way of staying active and initially took up going to the gym. After injuring my back I stopped going and then, as my blog intro mentions, I came by a bike. It then turned out that I could exercise on a bike without back pain! Result!

A few years later, I decided to start a blog and here we are….

As for me, I’m a chap with many and varied interests from playing guitar and ukelele, going to football, watching football and most other sports. I’m a big fan of the NFL (and the Dallas Cowboys specifically). TV and film keep me comfortably esconced on the sofa but I like to get out and about to restaurants, theatre, comedy with any new and interesting experiences welcomed!

21 04 09 002

Saffi – who died in 2009 – it’s all her fault!


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