Queen… or The Buggles?

A picture paints a thousand words, right? So after a year or so of writing all these lovely words (in my humble opinion of course) I saw some videos on line of people filming their exploits: bungee jumping; surfing; and cycling. Some of them were run of the mill, some of them pretty damn awesome.

And that reminded me of when I’ve been out on the bike and seen something that simply can’t be explained in a way that anyone listening will fully appreciate.

For example, last year I was in Richmond Park when I came across 3 deer blocking the path. I got to within 2 metres of the beasts with their massive (and scary!) antlers. They let me get that close! The deer then wandered off and I was free to carry on but I’d never normally try to get so close to them.

The trouble is that those words don’t convey just how amazing that experience was.

So, after seeing other people’s films and getting some money for Christmas, I decided to lash it all on a Gopro and use it to record my rides and maybe more. Now I’m not expecting to get a “You’ve Been Framed” moment on each and every ride – although getting just one, along with the £250 would be most welcome – but you never know what I might capture on film.

And if I get run over by a car it might be helpful to prove my undoubted innocence!

Last week, after spending much time trying to work out the instructions, I finally got out on the bike with the Gopro attached but realised that a 90minute ride isnt exactly the most riveting viewing. So I “edited”the footage into something slightly more interesting and I hope you find it a bit entertaining!

And you may notice I’ve set up a YouTube channel – please subscribe to keep up to date with anything I might upload!


And now for the music! Two songs came to mind so I thought I’d give you both! Enjoy.

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