Fleetwood Mac

Brrrr. Cold isn’t it?

Up till the last week or so we’ve been spoilt so far this winter in the UK, as its been quite mild weather compared to the average year. Unfortunately for some people this has brought lots of rain and flooding as I mentioned in my last post. Having had that happen two years ago in the area that I live I can certainly sympathise.

This weather has, as I said before, discouraged me from hitting the trails due to the mud and associated clean up that would be needed.

Now finally we’ve had a dry spell and tomorrow I’m hoping that I can finally get back out! Yippeeee!

Hang on a second though. Dry weather in winter = cold. And if you’re on a bike that means pretty damn cold. I’ve seen other guys out and about in the past couple of days and some of them look like they may as well be wearing a sleeping bag!

Needless to say, if it’s that cold then don’t expect me to be joining their ranks. That’s just too much commitment for me. I admire their spirit but I like central heating too much.

In preparation I’ve got a bit of a checklist prepared: winter gloves; lip salve; Buff snood (also very useful if you want to look like a pirate!!); and even tights (padded of course). I’m telling you: I’m not getting cold for no-one!

So there we are, I’m ready and set. All I need now is the opportunity and I’ll be off for my first ride of 2016. I’m feeling guilty that its been so long but can’t wait to burn some calories. My waistline needs to reduce. My heart, lungs and legs need a workout. And I need some endorphins. All in all its a no-brainer.

Just keep your fingers crossed for me that my motivation doesn’t desert me. Thanks!

Now for the tune: OK its called “Don’t Stop” but the next words are “thinking about tomorrow.” You see what I did there?



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