Elvis Costello

Just over two weeks on and I’m recovered, back on the bike and now in training for another event. Only 27 miles this time – childs play!!

If you fancy it, Evans Cycles RideIt! events are well worth having a go – they are well organised, good fun and give you 3 options to try: Short, Medium or Long/Epic. I’ve signed up for one around Basingstoke so it’ll be good to try somewhere I’ve never been before.

But now to today’s subject at hand. And its one of my pet peeves I’m afraid!

Folding bikes…. Bromptons…. Just wtf are they all about? I’m sorry, but they simply are not bikes. I can understand they have a use for commuters and, in doing so give us some good comedy value:

However, during my recent training runs I came across more and more people riding them off-road and, on occasion, attempting quite severe off-track climbs that you’d struggle to walk up!! Not only that but everyone riding them seemed to have some sort of fixed glazed smiling expression usually seen on the faces of hare krishna followers!

Is there some sort of endorphin-based high that you get when you have to pedal far too much because your ride has ridiculously small wheels?

But the final straw came during the Prudential Ride 100 when I saw this:


Why does this all annoy me? I frankly have no idea! We all have our pet peeves, me maybe more than most. But I can safely say that you can include these “bikes” in my list!

Anyway, rant now over. I’ve gone public. Time for some music. Its a bit of a laboured connection but Brompton is next Chelsea – and I dont want to go to either…!

2 thoughts on “Elvis Costello

  1. Good luck for Evans Cycles RideIt, Mate!! You can consider Brompton as a minor league I suppose. BTW, you are right, foldable bikes WTF!!!!
    Only kids should rides those, not adults. UN must pass a resolution on it 😀

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