Alice Cooper

Hip bones. Yes hip bones. I’ve got some!!

On the face of it, you might think this is an odd thing to mention but whilst I wouldn’t say I’m fat, I would admit to having a degree of “frontal padding” which, by its nature, has meant that I haven’t really found my hip bones much in evidence in recent years. This has changed.

Unfortunately, the reason for the recent reappearance of these bony protruberances is a dose of food poisoning. Not good.

Now I don’t know if any of you have ever suffered this experience? Personally I’d thought that I might have in the past but I can now say for definite that I never have because this is such an unpleasant illness that I would certainly know it if I had.

After six, yes SIX, days of not eating properly (and if you know me personally you know that this is unheard of), drinking only clear fluids and NO booze, the obvious side-effect is always going to be weight loss. My clothes feel looser and, when I went to bed last night, I realised I could feel my hip bones. And the weird thing is that, despite not feeling great and the reason for their re-emergence, I was actually quite pleased.

This brought me on to thinking about how easy it is for people to get into unhealthy mindsets about diet and weight loss. OK I’d like to weigh less, but should I be happy about losing weight when having a bad illness? I don’t really think so. Now I’m not the sort of person that is going to become obsessive about weight: I enjoy food far too much for that to ever happen. But it highlights how easy someone could become obsessed. Add in media, lifestyle and peer pressures and you’ve got a loaded gun sitting on shelf waiting for someone with the right (or, more accurately, wrong) disposition to come along and pull that mental trigger.

Girl or boy, in this world we live in no-one is really immune to this risk.

Even old-ish curmudgeons like me see older public figures (Brad Pitt, George Clooney, et al) and feel pressure to look better. There’s magazines such as Men’s Health or GQ (which I’m sure never used to be like it is now….) which don’t help the blokes!

Don’t get me wrong: fitness, good diet and all forms of healthy living are a good thing. But my revelation of today just got me thinking of how easy it is for these initial good intentions to slip into a dark place from where it can quickly develop into a potentially dangerous obsession.

For my part, I’m sure that as soon as I am feeling better my appetite will return and the hip bones will once again sink back below the “insulation” that I put on. As you can imagine, I haven’t been out cycling for a while but once I’m back in the saddle, maybe they will reappear when the exercise I put in results in weight loss by that means. And that’s a lot better way to lose weight than being ill. And its more fun!

As you can imagine, there’s not a lot of songs about illness. But this is a fave of mine:

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