My big idea

I’ll try to keep this brief as I think its best to start this project by trying to explain why I’ve decided to start a blog. Especially as anyone who knows me would be fully aware of my (formerly) deep and abiding hatred of those on two wheels! I grew up in Brighton and have also worked in a driving-centric job in London: these experiences had given me a view of cyclists that was, frankly, less than flattering. What with jumping red lights, weaving recklessly through traffic and riding the wrong way up one-way streets, to riding on pavements and hurling abuse at motorists, I thought I had a pretty reasonable opinion of the lycra-clad masses that you find creating moving hazards along The Embankment every rush hour.

However, a few years ago I decided to join a gym and I had a go at spinning. I found it quite enjoyable so, when I later came into possession of a mountain bike, I thought I’d give cycling a chance.

Revelation!! Cycling is actually enjoyable!!

Now don’t for a second imagine that I’ve had a complete conversion and no longer hold any of the views that I’ve hinted at above: I’m sure at some point I’ll probably cover what my problem is with some cyclists. And, in the interest of balance, I’ll do the same from a two-wheeled perspective of those in warm, dry, four-wheeled cocoons.

Since moving to Walton on Thames three years ago I’ve been regularly cycling along the towpath by the Thames (mainly because a Mini Cooper isn’t really made for transporting bikes!) and whilst that’s all very nice, I’ve got to the stage where I want to venture further afield and test myself on greater challenges. As evidenced below, I tried it last year although I started with what I think is quite a testing route, but at least I survived and I’ve now entered a London to Brighton off-road event in September.

So that’s been my journey so far: from here on I’m intending to record my progress towards the aforementioned challenge; the trials and tribulations I face along the way; and anything else that takes my fancy or gets my goat.

I hope you find it interesting, amusing, enlightening or diverting. And, if so, feel free to comment and tell anyone about the page!

Before my first organised ride in July 2014

Before my first organised ride in July 2014

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